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Are owner meetings canceled until April 30, 2021?

Jun 26, 2020 | Last news


As of June 21, 2020, a series of provisions are established regarding the Owners’ Meetings in the communities.

Next, we explain the established conditions:

  • The obligation to call and hold Owners Meetings is suspended until April 30, 2021.
  • Although there is no obligation to convene them, the community is given the possibility of holding Owner’s Meetings at the request of the Presidency or at the request of at least 20% of the owners with the right to vote, who represent 20% of the quotas, from June 22, 2020 to 04/30/2021, attending to their circumstances and having to comply with the applicable security measures at all times in these meetings.
  • Meetings can also be held by videoconference or other means of communication provided that the identity of the attendees, the continuity of communication and the possibility of intervening in the deliberations and in the casting of the vote are guaranteed.

Until the next ordinary meeting is called and held, it is also possible to continue adopting agreements without a meeting at the request of the Presidency and meeting the following requirements:

  • Voting by post, telematics communication or any other means that guarantees the right to information and to vote. The receipt of the vote must be recorded and its authenticity guaranteed.
  • The last approved annual budget is understood to be extended until the next ordinary Meeting is held, in which the approval of the previous accounts and the renewal of the positions will have to be carried out like any ordinary Meeting.

For any questions or more information on this subject, you can contact our administration service at or TEL. 934 588 305 EXTENSION 3.

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