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Can I create an urban garden in my neighborhood community?

Jul 1, 2020 | Last news

The creation of urban gardens is a trend that is spreading in big cities. Not only is it limited to private terraces or balconies, but some community areas such as roof terraces or garden areas can be good candidates to create an urban garden in our own community of owners. Enabling a community garden can help revalue the building; strengthen neighborhood relations; promote environmental education among the little ones, in addition to allowing them to consume fresh, healthy and seasonal products; reduce CO2 emissions, and improve the energy performance of the building.

But, what are the requirements to have an urban garden?

  • Permissions:

No administrative permission is required. Anyone can improvise a small urban garden on their terrace or balcony, but the installation of an orchard in some community area such as the roof or the gardens requires the approval of the community of owners unanimously, since, according to the Horizontal Property Law, no innovations can be made that make any part of the building useless for the use and enjoyment of an owner, if their express consent is not previously stated.

  • Technical report:

If we want to locate the urban garden on the roof of the building, the first thing we will have to do is go to the College of Architects or the College of Quantity Surveyors to arrange a study of loads that analyzes the weight per square meter that the roof can support. and ensure that the future garden will not affect the security of the building.

How do you manage a community garden well?

No matter how well designed and equipped a community garden is, if it is not well managed it will have no future. The most convenient thing is that the community of neighbors itself foresees the financing and the regulations that regulate its operation and maintenance with turns of the different neighbors.

In addition to enjoying your own vegetables, the creation of an urban garden in your neighborhood community will contribute to promoting coexistence, cooperation and intergenerational relationships among the inhabitants of the building.

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