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Jun 15, 2020 | Last news

Some owners’ associations decide to install video surveillance cameras in shared areas, such as garages, patios or access doors, with the objective of guaranteeing maximum security and avoiding possible thefts and vandalism.

This practice Reduce text and make certain people uncomfortable, who they consider a violation of privacy. This reason is feared, questioning the convenience of using it and including its utmost legality.

Is it legal to install video surveillance cameras in neighbouring communities?

Yes, but the following must be taken into account:

  • Have the necessary support:

It can be installed as long as the necessary quorum is set for it, which, in this case, would require 3/5 parts of the total number of owners representing 3/5 of participation fees.

  • Place a distinctive plate:

It is essential to put an informative sign that warns that you have access to a video surveillance area. Likewise, it must be clearly indicated who has installed the camera and before whom and where to go to exercise the rights provided by the data protection regulations.

  • Restricted access to images:

Not all residents will have the right to view the captured images, but only those persons designated by the Community portal part. In addition, they must be accessed with a username and password.

  • Capture only images of common areas:

In no case may the Chambers register images of the public thoroughfare, or neighboring houses (with the exception of access to the property).

  • Time limit for recordings:

Images can be kept for a maximum of 30 days. However, if the Recording Need is covered in one week, the 30-day limit will not be exhausted. In this way, they are only saved, if something happens for which it is necessary to guard the recording.

What sanctions are there fear of violating data protection regulations?

The fines range from € 900 to € 600,000, depending on whether it is a minor, serious or very serious offense.

Therefore, your community does install video surveillance cameras, but taking into account the previous points.

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