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Exceptional measures for Homeowners Meetings until December 31

May 18, 2021 | Last news, Last news

The Decree Law 53/2020 of December 22 that extends and modifies Decree Law of 10/2020 of March 27, on exceptional measures where The obligation to convene and hold Homeowners Meetings is suspended until December 31, 2021 . Therefore, the budget and the positions of the Board are also extended until that date.

We are temporarily in a situation where exceptional measures are taken in all areas, such as suspending the obligation to convene meetings of owners, where it is limited exclusively to cases in which it can be justified that the adoption of that agreement cannot be delayed for next year. In this case, the Owners’ Meetings can be held:

  • IN PERSON: Respecting sanitary measures, currently maximum 6 people.
  • TELEMATICALLY: Through the means established in the article 312.5.2. of the Civil Code of Catalonia and guaranteeing the identification of the attendees, the continuity of communication, the possibility of intervention and the casting of vote.
  • AGREEMENTS WITHOUT MEETING: As long as it is not convened and the Ordinary Meeting is held, at the request of the President of the Community, “agreements without a meeting” can be taken with the requirements of art. 312.7 of the * CCC (voting by postal or telematic correspondence, guaranteeing information and voting rights, and that the receipt of votes is recorded). * We remind you that the call for “agreements without a meeting” is essential to set the deadline for the issuance and reception of votes, which must be at least 8 days.

It must be taken into account that the last approved annual Budget is understood to be extended until the Ordinary Meeting is held, in which, when it is done, the previous accounts must be approved and the charges. In addition, the suspension of the obligation to convene Community Meetings, it is understood without prejudice that the community may hold Meetings at the initiative of the president or at the request of at least 20% of the owners with the right to vote and that represent a coefficient of 20 % As minimum.

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