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Royal Decree Law 11/2021: Extension of ERTES

Jun 10, 2021 | Last news

On May 28, 2021, the Royal Decree Law 11/2021, of May 27, on urgent measures to defend the occupation, economic reactivation and the protection of self-employed workers, which extends the extension of ERTES.

This RDL 11/2021 includes the extension of the ERTES until September 30, 2021, in order to extend this measure of social protection and employment that has proven to be transcendental in the face of the pandemic.

And it is about the ERTES that the CAFBL has made a detailed summary of each point, so that you are aware of all the news:

  1. Extension of force majeure ERTES (+info)
  2. ERTES de CNAE (+info)
  3. ERTES due to ETOP causes (+info)
  4. New ERTES of force majeure due to impediment to the development of the activity (+info)
  5. New ERTES of force majeure due to limitation of the normal development of the activity (+info)
  6. ERTES de Fuerza major impediment to other ERTES and vice versa ( +info)
  7. Limitations and prohibitions by companies that take advantage of the ERTES (+info)
  8. Benefits for unemployment (+info)
  9. People with a fixed-discontinuous contract or who carry out fixed and daily jobs that repeat on certain dates (+info)
  10. Annex I (+info)

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