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Oct 7, 2020 | Inmobiliaria

Who is the measure aimed at?

To those natural or legal persons leasing a commercial property in Barcelona who reduce the rent by at least 25% to tenants who have been affected by the declaration of the state of alarm derived from Covid-19.

The rental contracts must be in force prior to the declaration of the state of alarm and, from that date, they will remain in force for a minimum of 6 more months. Contracts extended or renewed since the declaration of the state of alarm are included, for a period exceeding 6 months.

What is the amount of the grant?

  • 600€: if the amount of the rebate is from 25% to 50%.
  • 1200€: if the amount of the discount is greater than 50%.

The granting of the subsidy is conditional on the existence of credit.

Which are the requirements?

  1. The premises had to remain closed as a result of the state of alarm and be included among the following activities:
  • – Group 65 (except pharmacies -6521-), retail trade of non-food products in a permanent establishment.
  • – Group 661. Mixed or integrated commerce in large stores.
  • – Group 67, food services in restaurants, bars, etc.
  • – Agrupación 68, accommodation services.
  • – Group 69, repair services.
  • – Group 755. Travel agencies.
  1. The subsidy is aimed at landlords of real estate:
  • Intended for commercial premises.
  • With a maximum area of ​​300 square meters.
  • That it has the classification of individual commercial establishment.
  • And the owner of the activity that takes place in these establishments is self-employed, micro-business or small business, in accordance with the European classification criteria.

The owners of premises located in collective commercial establishments will not be subject to this subsidy.

  1. The property on which the subsidy is requested must be in Barcelona.
  2. Be up to date with fiscal, tax, refund and justification obligations with the Barcelona City Council, the State Administration of the Tax Agency, as well as with Social Security and the rest of the Administrations.
  3. Comply with the obligations established in the subsidy regulations.

How can the application be processed?

The applicant must present a standard application model that is published on the municipal website:

The submission period will be 4 months, beginning the day after the final approval of the bases.

The award criteria will be the chronological order of submission of applications, until the budget item is exhausted. Once the budget has been exhausted, the presentation of applications will not give the right to obtain the aid.

The presentation of the application implies the acceptance of the communication by the Administration in the email that the applicant must indicate. The grant application Instance must be attached, which will include a contact email address, which will be accompanied by the documents that appear in the bases.

The application documentation will be submitted through the electronic headquarters of the Barcelona City Council, and it will be necessary to have a digital certificate:

If you do not have a digital certificate, you should know that only people or entities exempt from the obligation to interact with the administration electronically, may choose to carry out the procedures in person at the Citizen Service Offices of the Barcelona City Council. The face-to-face registration will take place at any Citizen Service Office (OAC) and sub-offices, in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Law 39/2015.

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