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Hotels-offices, an opportunity for the market hotel

Sep 9, 2020 | Last news

The use of hotels as a rooms of office could increase until a 20% the incomes of the operator’s hostellers specialized at this niche of product, reactivating the market hosteller urban. Any of these companies are already taking advantage of the trend of the teleworking to adapt his establishments and offer a kick with potential to generate additional incomes at the size at what the hotels can provide rooms of meetings and of office taking advantage of his physical installations and technological infrastructures.

What has to the companies of Coworking?

The companies of Coworking offer the possibility to rent for days, but mostly his model of bargain is profitable on the base to rent of weekly mode or for periods even more long. Therefore, the ‘hybrid hotel’ would arrive for supplier the necessity of offices by the hour or days, that at present has a very limited offer but a demand at growth, responding like this at the necessity of a lot of organizations that have implanted or will implant of massive mode the teleworking.

A big opportunity

The hotels that offer his traditional kicks, but besides a room at which total, collaborate, socialitzar or work, will be able to optimize the areas of low performance in the hotel, utilising the room of two distinct forms concurrently and increasing like this the incomes. This concept no only could attract the institutional investors, but that could transform at a new mode to offer kicks hostellers.

The model of hybrid hotel

This innovative concept at the market hosteller unites the kicks of hotel and of flexible office of simultaneous mode. That is why it can require some adjusts at the hotels. The characteristics that would have to conform a hotel to make both activities would have to be:

  • Gran infrastructure and technological equipment.
  • Flexibility at the configuration of the furniture and the rooms of the dwelling of hotel, to transform it apace at office or vice versa.
  • Suitable installations for the work shared: meeting rooms, flexible rooms at common zones, zones enabled for the coworking.
  • Good installations, adapted for events in a small way.
  • Capacity to offer kicks of personalization of rooms.

It treats to offer daily flexibility, or even by the hour, for the hire of rooms of work with a personal kick and of tall quality, a thing at which the tourist industry is specialist. Besides, complement this activity with the traditional of the hotel, can generate a big potential for fidelizar new customers.

The advantages

One ‘hybrid hotel’ offers at the companies an additional option of room of flexible work for his employees without debentures for hire on a long-term basis or big reversals at rooms of office.

If well a lot of companies will continue prevailing the assistance of his workers at rooms of conventional offices, others will tend at modifying his real-estate strategy with regard to his labor force, offering the possibility to alternate the face-to-face work with the teleworking. It is here where the sector hosteller can contribute a solution of form very efficient.

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