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How should we act when we return to normal, after Coronavirus?

Apr 29, 2020 | Last news

Far from the escalation and plans being considered, in an age of constant change and uncertainty, the pandemic values ​​the community and shows that human beings are vulnerable.

The pandemic also generates anguish and anxiety. We are in the society of certainty and control and now everything is out of our control. Now that we don’t feel good we seem to have a lot to do, but the main thing is to know that there is no need to do.

The future is the time of emotions, time to be ourselves and to collaborate, to be the people we wanted to be, to trust ourselves and to be there and to be together.

We must not show fear of our vulnerability, we must have the strength to find the way. When fear and sadness are shared, both are reduced.

We need to love each other even more in these difficult times. We must have with ourselves gestures of gratitude and congratulate ourselves for the small advances, not only from our balconies, but in our day to day.

In this “new world” we are entering we need to get out of the comfort zone. First of all you need to be consistent with what is being said and what is being done and do it with confidence. Even if you go through a dark zone you have to be optimistic, as opportunities will end up coming out. This mental disposition and reality can offer opportunities that one does not even consider and one must be open to a world full of opportunity and growth.

That is why in the near future it will be important for us to be proactive and take care of ourselves individually.

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