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How to bear being locked up at home?

Apr 20, 2020 | Last news

We are living in very hard times. A time that will mark a before and after in history and in our lives. Bad news comes day by day and concern for the unknown takes over our environment. How will it affect me in my studies? How will it affect me at work? How will it affect me?

But not everything is bad. We have learned to cook, dance and sing. We have learned to value those little things that we never even saw before. We have learned to trust again, to trust all those people who, in this situation, are giving their all. We have learned to live together. We have learned to know ourselves more than ever, our loved ones, our neighbors, and above all, ourselves.

Time right now is our greatest ally and our worst enemy. We are exposed to it, without knowing how to manage it. Accustomed to our routine, without time for ourselves, we did not have the need to think about what I can do, what I like or what I need. But this is no longer the case, our lives have changed and we must adapt.

It is time to ask yourself, how can I be happy and overcome quarantine?

First of all you have to be aware that life goes on. Although it seems that time has stopped, it is time to continue with the day to day. For this reason, you have to plan your daily tasks and keep your mind in place.

Explore, test and innovate. There is time for everything … To cook, read, play, sing, dance … And precisely because of that, there is time to try new things. It is time to experiment to have fun and have a good time with those who are by our side, or with ourselves.

But you must also value silence, stop listening to everything else to listen to what really matters … to yourself. And, in a happy home, you should only listen to what you want to hear.

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