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May 29, 2020 | Last news

Have you done renovations at home and are not satisfied with the result? We tell you the options you have to claim and give you some clues to avoid unforeseen events if you have not yet started the works.

Before starting the work…

When we hire a company or self-employed person to make a renovation to our home, it is always advisable to request a written quote in which the following information is collected:

  • Details of the company that will carry out the work
  • Works to be carried out with a breakdown as detailed as possible
  • Total price, VAT included
  • Payment method
  • Term of completion of the works
  • The more specific the budget, the less misunderstood we will be if we encounter a problem during the process.

What to do if we are not satisfied with the work?

Contact the company:

If irregularities are detected during the execution of the work, it is recommended to inform the company. It is always better to do this in writing (burofax or telegram) than, verbally, in order to leave a formal record that we are dissatisfied and so that the company can rectify the defects as soon as possible.

Assess it with an expert:

In the event of not agreeing with the company on the correct or incorrect execution of the work carried out, the intervention of an expert would be necessary, so that, as a professional and in a technical way, it can assess whether there are defects or not. in the execution of the work carried out.

Make a claim:

In the event of not resolving the discrepancies on the works carried out, the possible means of complaint would be, either through the Consumer Offices through the official model of the complaint forms of the corresponding Autonomous Community or through the courts.

  • Complaint to the Consumer Office:

The claim through the Consumer Office will be viable if the trade is already adhered to the Consumer Arbitration System or if it agrees to adhere punctually to the particular matter. If you are not a member or do not want to join, you will have to go to court.

  • Judicial Claim:

The claim through the courts may be filed through the corresponding lawsuit through the Verbal Trial Procedure, without the need for the intervention of either a Lawyer or a Solicitor, provided that the amount to be claimed for defective works does not exceed 2,000 euros. In this case, we should accompany the request with all the evidence we have: burofax / telegram, photographs, expert report, etc.

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