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Changes in inheritance and donation tax

Oct 9, 2020 | Inmobiliaria

Amendments have been made to Law 5/2020, of 29 April, on Fiscal, Financial, Administrative and Public Sector Measures of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”. These changes directly affect inheritance and gift tax.

But … what do these modifications entail?

The changes have led, among other things, to the recovery of the quota multipliers for spouses or children. This has led to an increase in the calculation of the share of between 10%, from 500,000 euros of inherited value, up to 20%, for cases of inheriting more than 4,000,000 euros.

Another point that changed was the bonus in the calculation of the fee, which has been significantly reduced. For spouses it has not changed and a 99% bonus still applies. However, for children and other descendants it has been greatly reduced, from a scale of reduction ranging from 99% to 57.37% for an inheritance of 3,000,000 euros, to a scale that is starts at 60%, and is reduced to 28.92% for the same 3,000,000 euros.

That is why the calculations and forecasts that have been made prior to the new regulations may have increased a lot. If we add to this the amounts of municipal capital gains, the tax cost of inheritance can be very high.

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