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Aug 12, 2020 | Last news

This Tuesday 4 of August of 2020 has approved the new decree of tourism of Catalonia. Predominately it incorporates the figure of home shared, permitting that any person rent his house with tourist purposes (more at concrete, at the tourist hire of dwellings), although it will be subjected at some limitations: the real estate will have to be the principal house of the titular and this as only will be able to share this flat with a maximum of four persons, with equal or inferior stays at 31 days. Besides, the titular will have to reside and share the house with the tourists and will have to have one cèdula of habitability as a only requisite to be able to rent his house, at the margin to be inscribed at a for hire tourist registry that have to elaborate the city councils (it is necessary to take into account that this section of the new rule will not enter at fine operation in a year, period at which owes the city councils have to assume this typology of tourist accommodation).

This decree flattens the path at the platforms of billet like Airbnb, since it normalises the existence of this type of establishment that will be able to utilise the platforms to publicise the offer and pose at contact at arrendatari and arrendador.

What is “the singular accommodation”?

The new decree creates the figure of the singular accommodation. It treats of accommodations that do not fit at any of the ongoing modalities of tourist accommodations, like the cabins at the trees, the barracks of dry stone among vineyards or the caves. They Will be able to have a maximum capacity for six plazas and will have to situate out of vehicles, aircraft or crafts, as well as conventional edifices.

As for the rest of accommodations?

Regarding the houses of conventional tourist use, will not be able to be occupied with more plazas that the established at the cedula of habitability and his maximum capacity will not be able to exceed of 15 persons. At the case of the rural establishments, the limit establishes at 20 persons and will be able to realise other activities at the same farm. Besides, at the accommodations alfresco, establishes a new regulation for the areas of acolliment of autocaravanes at trance with a maximum time of stay of 48 hours. The campings will capsize the categories for stars –and the hotels– and will classify since the two until the five stars.

Prevention of fraud

A part of the decree devotes at the prevention of the fraud and the commercialization illegal. It concretises that the operators will be subjected at the juridical diet of the decree, so much the situated in Catalonia and the of out that they realise intermediation at apartments situated in Catalonia. Likewise, it reinforces the principle that the digital economics related with the tourist activity will the debenture to respect the valid tourist legality. At this sense, gives juridical security at the city councils to impose every type of planned sanctions at the law of tourism, although on the other hand, excludes the guarantees of the laws of the consumers and users and suppresses the debentures of the reservations of accommodations for being a question that corresponds at the rule of consumption.

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