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Property managers as an essential service

Feb 23, 2021 | Last news, Last news, Last news

Supporting neighborhood communities in circumstances such as those of Hurricane Filomena is an added but also fundamental task.

The consequences of the storm “Filomena” in our streets, in our buildings and even in our work and also in our own lives have unleashed a new wave of indignation against politicians and institutions of all kinds. And it is that, in front of such adverse situations, the human being always tries to find a culprit.

There is little talk, however, in this Spain of anonymous donkeys, property managers, considered an essential service, who have decided to make pineapple and get back to work. This time, not to prevent the spread of a pandemic, but to help alleviate the effects of a snowstorm, the magnitude has exceeded any forecast no matter how planned it is to happen, as he points out again and again. the mayor of Madrid, in a natural disaster.

Aware that the union is the force and that with the telematic means we could directly inform 80% of the population of Madrid that lives in communities of proprietors, property managers are in charge to realize this essential service, during the months of confinement in the pandemic by Covid-19. Carrying out the normative interpretation of health orders, applying them to communities and transferring information in real time to all citizens through lists of emails, whatsapps and infographics placed on the portals, as well as news spread through social media and networks.

During these months we are working on a double aspect. On the one hand, our habit, which is to manage the communities, to make them work, something really important in times like the ones we have lived through, in which 100% of the population is at home. And at the same time, the information to send to all our administrators and to the citizens in general indications of how the communities had to behave, how to use the common elements, how to clean these buildings and to transfer the sanitary norms and of coexistence.

Our activity, concretized in an arduous preventive and resolutive task on the part of the group of property managers was recognized like essential by the local, autonomic institutions and of the State until the point that they requested our collaboration for the dissemination of certain prevention campaigns, such as the identification of single people, situations of gender violence or the collection of household waste in households with positives.

Now, in the face of the catastrophe caused in Madrid by storm Filomena, the Associated Property Administrators have once again acted in the same way advising citizens to carry out maintenance work on buildings, publishing a practical guide to claiming claims or requesting administrations to hire resources to remove hardened snow and ice sheets that prevent the maintenance, upkeep and supply of buildings.

In the face of the arrival of new atmospheric phenomena, exceptional situations such as the current global pandemic or any other situation that affects the communities of owners and the general public, the Property Administrators want to announce that we will closely follow the events to comply with our work at the forefront of communities and continue to provide this essential service.

We do all this with the same vocation of service as always, using our own physical and telematic means and with the help of the media, with the aim of guiding and helping to minimize the effects of the storm. in owner communities.

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