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The end of the state of alarm is maintained on May 9 and the moratorium on rents and suspension of evictions is extended by three months

Apr 15, 2021 | Last news, Last news, Last news

Pedro Sánchez maintains his claim that May 9 is the end of the state of alarm decreed for the last time in Spain on October 25 to combat the coronavirus pandemic despite the fact that the groups that make up the majority that supports the Government, they warned of the need to rethink the end of the state of alarm as long as there is no legislation that enables the Autonomous Communities to legislate mobility restrictions and curfews to manage the last stretch of the pandemic, until reaching the group immunity, scheduled for late August.

But the Prime Minister started his appearance in Congress by announcing that he will extend all social protection measures in matters of evictions and hiring of housing for another three months.

For its part, the opposition (PP and Vox) lashed out harshly & nbsp; against Sánchez’s pandemic management and against his reconstruction plan. & nbsp; “Who do you think you are?”, “Do you think it is normal to come and say that you are not going to detail your plan?”, “A bit of respect! “,” try to sell a reheated pizza “. It was the tone that Casado used to amend Sánchez’s management.

After him, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, raised his tone, even a little more than usual, competing in toughness and forcefulness with Casado. & nbsp; The leader of Vox accused Sánchez of “causing thousands of deaths, thousands of companies closed and thousands of unemployed “, and he is dedicated” to self-promotion “. & nbsp;

“We are committed to leaving no one behind,” emphasized Sánchez from his coalition government. “We are going to extend for three more months the possibility of requesting the moratorium or partial forgiveness of the rent of housing rental when the landlord is a large holder or a public entity,” he announced.

Secondly, the Government will also extend for three months the contracts that can benefit from the extraordinary extension of six months of the housing rents under the same terms and conditions of the current contract.

And thirdly, the suspension of evictions and launches of vulnerable tenants without a housing alternative will also be maintained for another three months, including those households affected by procedures for the launch of their habitual residence that are not derived from lease contracts when There are dependents, victims of violence against women or minors in charge, after a weighted and proportional assessment by the judge. “All these measures were in force until May 9, when the end of the state of alarm is expected, and all of them will be extended for three more months,” he stressed.

After the end of the state of alarm, “success will depend on the unity of all, the effectiveness of coordination and individual responsibility”

Because, despite the fears and misgivings of some regional presidents, and the demand of opposition parties and also members of the legislature to articulate an alternative legal umbrella, Sánchez has confirmed his intention to put an end to the state of alarm, a “Exceptional legal situation”, on May 9. As of this date, the President of the Government pointed out, “success will depend on everyone’s unity, the effectiveness of our coordination and individual responsibility.” “The intention of the Government is not to extend the state of alarm”, it has corroborated, to “leave behind the exceptionality”. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Sánchez has started his speech by claiming the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic that is commemorated on April 14. “Anniversaries help us to reflect, to be able to look back and verify that there is a luminous link with our best past that we must vindicate”, he stressed. The president has indicated that this date of 1931, together with December 6, 1978 when the Constitution was proclaimed and June 12, 1985 when the accession treaty to the European Union was signed, are the ones that have turned Spain “into a great country.” “Three leaps forward in modernization, progress and equality for Spaniards,” he pointed out, “Democracy, Constitution and Europe”, he stressed, will prevail, 90 years later, “in the face of hatred and confrontation ”. And also to “overcome the worst economic, health and social emergency of the last century in the history of our humanity.”

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