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The “new normallity” or “dam” in Catalonia. What changes does entering this new phase imply?

Jun 19, 2020 | Last news

Phase 3 of de-escalation has lasted in part of Catalonia for less than a day. Since last midnight, the new stage of resuming normal life, that of “dam”, regulated by the Generalitat, governs. The objective is that clear criteria for the prevention of virus transmission and common sense are respected, although the regulations establish conditions. The axis on which it rotates is that the distance of 1.5 meters between people or an area of ​​2.5 square meters per person is always maintained as much as possible.

But… What changes are made in this new stage?

First of all, citizens are asked for responsibility in the following aspects:

  • Respect hand hygiene
  • Do not cough in the air
  • Keep coexistence groups as stable as possible
  • Minimize daily social contacts
  • Respect the physical safety distance
  • Use the mask whenever necessary and the minimum distance cannot be respected
  • Do outdoor activities as much as possible (since there is less risk of contagion than indoors)
  • Ventilate closed spaces and clean surfaces well
  • Isolate and notify health services in case of presenting virus symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell …)

A strengthened healthcare system

The current health system is different from before the epidemic, since it has been strengthened and has sufficient diagnostic capacity for an increase in cases.

A plan has been made for health centers in which they are assigned the color green, amber and red, depending on whether they have zero cases of the virus, one or more. More than half are in green or amber and can retrieve family visits and activities. In addition, contingency plans are being carried out for CAPs, hospitals and residences to prepare well in case there will be many positives again. The objective would be to attend to them without having to stop all other assistance again.

How does this new phase affect Sant Joan?

They insist on having responsibility in the parties that are to come and they warn that we should not go back.

As for the distance and the use of the mask…

A safety distance of at least 1.5 meters must be guaranteed, regardless of whether the environment is social or occupational. If this distance cannot be guaranteed, a mask must be used. It is not possible to be less than a meter in closed spaces of anyone other than people with whom a very habitual relationship or close contact is maintained (except professional activities, such as those of caring for people).

The mask must be used from the age of 6 on the street and in open and closed spaces as long as between people with no very close relationship, the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. It will be obligatory in all transport, except that all the occupants of the vehicle have that very habitual contact or relationship. There is no need to use it in places where you eat or drink or when doing sports outdoors.

Can meetings be held?

Family, social and sports meetings can be held, as long as there are no crowds, which would be in case the aforementioned safety distance was not respected. The administration may limit access to natural spaces, beaches or others if it cannot be guaranteed that there is no crowding.

How will the capacity be in establishments?

All spaces of capacity (including restaurants and fairs) will have until the 25th to adapt to it. Meanwhile, closed premises and 75% of open spaces must comply with a capacity of 50%.

After the 25th there will be no capacity restriction and the responsibility of the citizen will be appealed.

Since in restaurants and hotels (outdoors or closed) it is not feasible to wear a mask, they must guarantee 1.5 m between people or groups. For this, it is recommended to encourage prior reservation.

As for mobility and prudence…

There are no longer restrictions and high mobility is expected up to Sant Joan, for which responsibility and prudence are requested on the road. The Mossos will carry out checks on the roads to control mobility.

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