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Approachability, professionalism, trust, solvency and transparency.

These are the values and advantages that Grup SOLFINC subscribes to in order to offer the best service in property management, primarily in the Eixample and Gracia districts

Grup SOLFINC is a benchmark company in property management with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. We currently manage around 250 homeowner associations in Barcelona and its surroundings.

Ramon Soler

Ramon Soler

Head of Property Management

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Our services in Property Management

This is what we do in our property management service:

  • Administrative management of communities.
    • Procedures for establishment, legalization, records of minutes, etc.
    • Changes in administration, management, etc.
    • Homeowners’ associations statutes and internal regulations.
    • Ordinary meetings.
  • Economic management of homeowners’ associations.
    • Control and preparation of budgets.
    • Collection of receipts.
    • Control of delinquency and claims.
    • Processing of expenses and unforeseen events.
    • Statement of accounts.
  • Technical management of homeowners’ associations.
    • Execution and follow-up of the agreements of the meetings.
    • Treatment and follow-up of incidents, accidents, repairs, and constructions.
    • Homeowners’ associations maintenance.
    • Telephone and personal attention.
    • Subsidies, management before public bodies, Tax Agency, Social Security, etc.
  • Advisory services.
    • Consultations and legal advice.
    • Insurances.
    • 24H attention.
    • Access to Solfinc Online.

And more. If you want to know the service in detail, we explain it below in detail.

Administrative Management

  • Initial paperwork to establish the homeowner association, registration of the minutes book and securing the association’s tax ID number.
  • Transferring information from the previous administrator: notifying of change in administration, managing the document transfer, holding the presentation event and tracking of agreements
  • Drawing up bylaws and internal rules.
  • Holding the ordinary annual board meeting: sending the summons, attendance in the board meeting, drafting and sending the minutes.
  • Free board rooms available to the association and the possibility of holding the board meeting in the building itself.

Economic management

Developing and tracking annual budget.
Managing bill payment.
Tracking defaults and periodic request for fees.
Paying expenses as budgeted.
Paying extraordinary expenses, with prior approval from the Chair.
Possibility of establishing a fund for the Chair to cover minor expenditures.
Presenting the Annual Accounts and publishing a monthly online report (downloadable in the Client Area).
Checking balance of the estate available at all times by the Chair.
Personalised homeowner association web service in the Client Area.

Technical Management

Executing and tracking agreements adopted in the Board.

Dealing with and tracking incidents, accidents, repairs and construction after authorisation from the Chair of the association.

Attending to questions and advice personally and by telephone.

Processing and tracking subsidies.

Dealing with paperwork with public bodies.

Treasury, Social Security.

Consultancy Services

We also have complementary administrative services as needed by communities, such as:


  • Legal consultations and advice included in the price.
  • First visit free in any of our consultancies: legal, tax, labour, architecture, insurance, mortgages and mediation.

Areas of Action

  • Residential buildings.
  • Industrial warehouses, logistics warehouses, commercial spaces and offices.
  • Communal car parks, storage rooms, sports areas and landscaped areas.
  • Urbanisations.
  • Urban conservation entities.
  • New building developments.
  • Associations under construction.
  • Cooperatives.

Property Management

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